Keeping a healthy heart should be number one priority for every person in the world. Doing so will not only improve the overall body health as the individual’s lifestyle too, that’s why we created this category.

To keep track of what your heart is doing you are going to need an essential tool, that tool is called a heart rate monitor.

In essence, this electronic device is the ultimate tool for your heart!

Look at it this way, it packs the features that enables one to improve:

First, the fitness progress achieved over time, with the workout routines and even small daily routine changes.

Second, by increasing the capacity of diagnosing many different kinds of diseases related to the central organ of our body.

This brilliant piece of equipment works mostly based on the principles to the present on any ordinary ECG machine, always measuring or tracking if you prefer, making sure everything is alright.

Made of several different components this device includes a transmitter and a receiver, made to work together to enable the calculation of the electrical impulses of a person’s heart.

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To help you in the judgment on what product you should acquire based on the best heart rate monitors money can buy currently on the market keep reading the following top 5 list:

5 – The Polar RS300X Watch

Polar RS300X Watch for Monitoring Heart Rate Watch in the Black Edition is the first product on our list. We considered it a top quality one on our list based on its ease of use that is just like a regular watch.

It is a very well build piece of equipment that displays metrics such as calories burned, pace, distance to speed with the heart rate function as the centerpiece.

This product is a worthwhile one to buy especially when considering that it can track up to sixteen weeks of training routines plus the distances and speed on them. A must have for the fitness enthusiasts.

Users will only need to wear it around the wrist, and they’re ready to go.

4 – The Polar FT1 Watch

The Polar FT1 Heart Rate Monitor Black Edition is next on our list. This unique heart rate monitor is also packed with enjoyable features and to top it all off it comes with an oversized display screen.

Unlike any other monitor, this is a very easy to operate the instrument, thanks to its single button capability.

This device is a must have for the fitness enthusiasts that want to improve and track measurable results on their workouts and even to motivate all users to care for a better heart.

3 – The Polar Loop Activity Tracker

Instead of a regular watch look and feel our number tree spot on the list is instead a bracelet lookalike. Called Polar Loop Activity Tracker this heart rate tracker is quite a unique piece of equipment. This stylish tracker is very comfortable to wear. It only needs to be put around the wrist, and it would provide the all the details, motivation, and the guidance to achieve productive enlightenment for your activity goals faster and safer while elegantly equipped.

This unique piece of technology device runs on a battery that provides up to five days of use on a full charge, and that is also rechargeable.

2 – Polar FT7 Watch

Our runner up for the top podium spot in this list is the Polar FT7 Heart Rate Monitor Blue/Lilac.

We love this watch lookalike for its playful fun colors and stylish designs with its black-and-purple overall theme.

This machine is considered one with the most constant and accurate heart rate tracking device.

That makes it a very reliable one when it comes to information. Not only that it also performs a full report of the primary effect taken by the training routines whether in fat burning as in fitness skill improvement.

Being fully compatible with other related gym equipment and working on a replaceable battery this indeed is a stand out tool among others, making.

1 – The Polar FT4 device (Purple & Pink).

Out of all the currently available devices on the market, our top choice nominee was the Polar FT4 Heart Rate Monitor (the Purple and Pink edition).

We think it is a beautifully made piece of equipment and yes it does come in a vibrant pink color!

Even so, it is one of the best machines featured with a full-featured monitor capable of displaying all the information we need and the details surrounding them.

The cherry on top of the cake is that it is 100% water resistant!

All in all, this is a great buy that makes one’s fitness training a surprisingly fuss-free experience by providing a constant and accurate heart rate reading with ease and comfort of use.