Dear St.  Antony Family,

1- Below is the Holy Week Schedule at the monastery:

  • There will be two services in parallel at any given time; one in English only and the other will be mixed languages.
  • Starting the Last Friday of the Great Fast, which is this Friday April 10th, you may click on the links below to stream

2-  We pray that this finds you all in complete health, safety, peace and rest in our Lord Jesus Christ.
While our Church doors may be closed for now, the Church expenses are still there and always ongoing.  Your Tithes and donations are still much needed.  Again, the Church relies heavily on your donations to cover the Church’s ever- expenses.

Also you can use the church Website to donate by Credit card:


3- These are selected sermons for our spiritual growth:


4- How can you pray the Pascha at home?

  1. Prepare a corner for the Crucifix

+ A picture of the cross Or a small wooden cross

+ A candle or small light Or small oil with cotton candle

+ Black piece of Cloth

+ A flower or small plant

  1. Prepare the Pascha prayer book A hard copy of the Pascha prayer book Or PDF file Or CopticReader Application
  2. Teach your kids Thok Ta Ti Gom Hymn                                                  Thine is the power, the glory, the blessing and the majesty, forever Amen.
  3. Know the distribution of prayers during Pascha week + There are five morning prayers: + 1st Hour, 3rd Hour, 6th Hour, 9th Hour, and the 11th Hour                                                      + there are five evening prayers: + 1st Hour, 3rd Hour, 6th Hour, 9th Hour, and the 11th Hour                                                                  The content of each hour is simple and takes about 20 minutes to read.                                                                                      (Prophecies, Thok ta ti gom for 12 times, Psalm, Gospel and the commentary)
  4. Pray the Pascha together
  5. If possible, watch the Pascha live on Christian channels or online
  6. Throughout the day read all four Gospels                                                  + Tuesday: Gospel according to St.   Matthew                                                                                                                                                             + Wednesday: Gospel according to St. Mark                                      + Thursday: Gospel according to St. Luke                                                           + Saturday Eve: Gospel according to St. John


Selection of Pascha reading,

spiritual songs and hymns are

found at this link


D6j_fgplP6EJ (English)



sktop (Arabic)